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7 Questions Answered About Personal Organizer

Personal Organizer Questions

Personal Organizer: All Questions Answered

    1. Who personal organizers help?
    2. Can personal organizer help me?
    3. Is there a difference between personal organizer, home organizer and professional organizer?
    4. How long will it take to organize my home?
    5. Being embarrassed for your home in front of the personal organizer
    6. The process of organizing with personal organizer
    7. How to stay organized when the personal organizer leaves?

Did you know that such a thing as a personal organizer even exists? Apparently, it started 34 years ago. Do you think it’s a long time or not? I think it’s a long time, because I found out recently (2 years ago to be exact), and if I knew before, I would have started much earlier.

In Ukraine, where I am from, this profession does not exist. There is not a single personal organizer there. And even here, in Canada, so many people never heard of personal organizers, or if they did, they don’t understand what is that exactly that they do. Do they just throw things away and store the rest in pretty containers? So I thought I am going to answer popular questions that you might have when debating about paying $$$ to the personal organizer.

Who personal organizers help?

Because of the popular TV shows, you might have an idea that personal organizers only help lazy people and hoarders. You might even want to hire a personal organizer, but feel embarrassed and don’t want to be seen as someone who can’t organize your own home, because isn’t organizing something everyone should be capable of doing?

I worked with many clients. Some were disorganized, some very organized, some were maximalists and others minimalists. Not one client is the same. Some want to be involved, others don’t, some want to be guided, others know exactly what they want. None of them are lazy or hoarders.

Just like you could have done your manicure and taxes yourself or worked out on your own at home, you can organize your home or you can hire someone to do it for you. Sometimes you need an objective, experienced opinion to help you move forward.

Personal organizers help people who:

⁃ Feel overwhelmed, stuck and don’t know where to start
⁃ Have a hard time making decisions
⁃ Need direction and guidance
⁃ Need motivation
⁃ Don’t have time and energy
⁃ Want to cook more healthy meals but it takes too much time and kitchen brings anxiety
⁃ Never can find anything at home
⁃ Feel home is always chaotic no matter how often you clean
⁃ Just moved and want to set up their new home in a functional and beautiful manner
⁃ Selling a home and need to declutter
⁃ Moved a few years ago and still didn’t unpack a lot of boxes
⁃ Downsized and there is not enough space for everything
⁃ Need help sorting through things after the death of a family member
⁃ Want to organize their collections
⁃ Small business owners who need paper organization and set up a filing system
⁃ Small business owners who need their craft room/work room set up

Personal organizer works not only with disorganized people. Many of my clients are very organized, but if there is a change in life, like move, divorce or death, they need help. When you hear the words “personal organizer” you automatically think about cluttered chaotic home, but it’s often not the case. It’s better to delegate a task to a professional and enjoy all the benefits once the job is done.

Can personal organizer help me?

Start with the consultation. The personal organizer will come into your home, spend up to 1 hour talking about you, your needs, your goals and vision for your home will give you personalized advice and organizing solutions, encourage you, motivate you and support you.

After the consultation, you will know if a personal organizer can help you. And absolutely do not feel pressured to buy sessions if you don’t want to.

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Is there a difference between personal organizer, home organizer and professional organizer?

There is no difference at all. Whoever you choose, professional, personal or home organizer, they all are the same. Choose based on personal qualities, after all, this person will be in your home going through your things. It is a very personal experience and you should be comfortable.

How long will it take for the personal organizer to organize my home?

The time it will take to organize your home depends on the following:

  1. Size of the space you want organized
  2. Amount of stuff you have
  3. How fast you make decisions
  4. If you want your organization to look like on Pinterest

Size of the space you want organized.
To give you a very general idea of the time it takes for a personal organizer to organize a particular space, here is a list of spaces with estimates:

  • Closet: 4-12 hours (linen closet might take 4 hours, while huge walk-in 12 hours)
  • Kitchen: 8-12 hours
  • Office (including filling system): 16-24 hours
  • Garage/Basement: 8-16 hours
  • Bathroom: 2-4 hours
  • Playroom: 4-8 hours
  • Bedroom: 4-8 hours
  • Living room: 4-8 hours

Amount of stuff you have.
If you have a lot of stuff to sort through or don’t have that much will have a big difference in how long it will take to organize. Any organizing process starts with going through all the belongings and sorting. The more belongings to sort through the more time you will need.

How fast you make decisions.
For some people it takes half a second to decide if they want to keep something or not, for others it might be a very hard decision and they will need time to consider. So you see, it all depends.

If you want your organization to be Pinterest perfect.
You might have seen pictures on Pinterest of organized closets, where everything is folded perfectly, color coordinated and straightened. Or kitchen where everything matches beautifully and perfectly lined up that you can take pictures for “House & Home” magazine. Not everyone chooses this step, but this option is available.

So, as you can see, it greatly depends on how long it will take to organize your home, but personal organizer will be able to give you an estimate for your space after in-home consultation.

Feeling embarrassed and will personal organizer judge you?

When I know I am going to have someone over, I will go around the house and clean because I want to seem as if I have everything under control in my home and live a good life. To invite someone to your home to actually see the chaos and talk about it, can be embarrassing. But it is a personal organizer’s job to organize, and without your chaos, there would be no demand for us.

When I go to a client I expect it to be messy and cluttered. Nobody’s life is perfect, you may be good at numbers or sports, I am good at organizing. I assure you I’ve seen it all and I expect it to look really, really bad, otherwise, you wouldn’t call me, would you?

The process of organizing with the personal organizer.

Ever wonder how it actually works? What is included in that hourly rate? What to expect and don’t expect from a personal organizer?

Here is a short overview of the process:

1. Phone consultation.

2. In-home consultation
– deciding if it’s a good fit
– organizing plan
– deciding how many hours it will take
– signing contract
– paying
– scheduling

3. First session
– decluttering
– sorting
– donations and selling services
– shopping for supplies

4. Second session
– organizing
– returning unused supplies
– continuing with sessions to complete your organizing project

Step #1: Phone consultation.

It is great if at this step you have already sent the pictures of areas in your home that bug you the most. What will you talk about? Mostly about the space, what you like, what you don’t like, your vision and expectations. You will sense if you like the personal organizer and if you want to invite her/him into your home for the in-home consultation. This type of job requires a high level of trust, as you will be inviting someone not only into your home but into all your drawers and cupboards, telling about your family routine, habits and sometimes being emotional, opening up to a stranger.

Step #2: In-home consultation.

At the consultation you will meet with the organizer, spend up to an hour walking through your home, discussing everything that bugs you about the space and get ideas on how to improve some areas right away.

The personal organizer will give you an estimate of how many hours it will take. You could be ready to sign a contract, write a check and schedule for the first session right there or take some time to think over and consult with a spouse.

Step#3: First session

By the first session, you will have an agreed plan of what spaces you want to organize, priorities and the approximate timeframe for each area. Usually, organizing starts with decluttering and sorting. There will probably be some donations that personal organizer will take to a charity on your behalf. Things that are in good condition and worth selling can be brought to a consignment shop or sold online.

After the first session, it may be clear if you need any organizing supplies to create a system and make space really organized, which means it will be easy to take and put away, so you won’t have a chance to disorganize everything after your personal organizer left. It often is an extra charge for shopping time, I include it in my packages.

Step#4: Second session

With all the needed supplies it’s time to set up organizing systems in place, find a logical home for every item and complete the area. It there is more to be done, you will move on to the next thing, again starting with decluttering and sorting.

How to stay organized when personal organizer leaves?

Personal organizers will not simply store your things away nicely. They are on top of all available organizing solutions for any budget and will be able to create a personalized system tailored to your lifestyle.

What does that mean for you? It means that it should take you no more than 5 minutes per room to put things away in the evening.

How does that work? When every item has it’s designated spot and it is convenient to put away, it is easy and even fun (you feel a sense of accomplishment) to spend few minutes and tidy up.


  1. Personal organizer works not only with disorganized people but also if there is a change in life, like move, divorce or death.
  2. Start with in-home consultation to figure out if personal organizer can help you.
  3. There is no difference between personal organizer, home organizer and professional organizer.
  4. How long it will take to organize your space will depend. The personal organizer will be able to give you an estimate after in-home consultation.
  5. Don’t feel embarrassed. The personal organizer expects it to be really, really bad, otherwise, you wouldn’t call, would you?
  6. After the personal organizer leaves it will take you no more than 5 minutes per room to tidy up.

Do you have more questions about working with personal organizer? Leave a comment below or send a private message at hello@wellarragnedhome.com