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Office Organization Mastery

No matter how big or small your business is, we've got it. From corporate office spaces to dental clinics, photo studios, retail stores we can do it all. Just starting out and need us to design your space? Have an office that needs everything organized so it all flows? Book consultation!

Create File System

Does your paper overwhelm you? Say goodbye to lost tax write-offs. As your dedicated business organizers, we'll transform your paper chaos into a neatly digitized and organized haven, complete with labeled folders resting in their filing cabinet castles.

Stockroom Transformation

Ever order more stuff because you didn't see what you had? Or miss sales because you thought you were out of stock? Yes, we organize your inventory and it's our favorite! Please just leave us in the space full of items to sort, categorize and label, we cannot be more excited for it.



○ Team of professional organizers (2-4 depending on the project)
○ Donations haul away
○ Customized plan w/ product recommendation
○ Shopping for organizing supplies
○ Custom labels
○ Arranging for oversized donations haul away
○ Arranging appointments with other service providers


$90/hour for lead organizers
$75/hour for assistant organizers


○ One professional organizer
○ Filing system design
○ Custom labels
○ Shopping for organizing supplies
○ Ordering needed organizing supplies




Marta was amazing! She doesn’t stop from the time she enters your home until she leaves. she gives 100% and is a very pleasant person to work with.
She gave my home functionality and organization which makes my life a lot easier with 2 kids. She was also willing to work with my budget. I also learned a lot from her and will continue to use her for future projects!

Nets B.

Marta is the best! She is extremely professional, efficient, organized, and amazing at what she does. I have hired Marta over and over again. I recently moved into a new place and Marta helped make it feel like home. I couldn’t recommend her more!!

Alex G.

I trusted Marta to do the work on her own since I was busy, and she delivered amazing results. She is creative and hardworking. She makes everything simple, stress-free and functional. My friend recommended Marta to me after she has done wonders to her house, and I am endlessly grateful.

Julie S.

Thank you, Well Arranged Home, for doing such a great job in my home. Marta is thoughtful and caring. At the consultation, I thought my house was the complete disaster, but she wasn’t shocked at all and came prepared with the whole plan for the first session. She accomplished in 4 hours what would probably have taken me days.

Liz T.
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