Quick Organizing – Bathroom + Supplies Recommendations

Bathroom Organizing

Starting small and working your way up is the best way to ensure a successfully organized space. That’s why a bathroom is perfect for this. It is a small project that can be completed in just an hour if you come prepared.

What you will need for bathroom organizing:

  1. Trash bag for expired products
  2. Clear recycle bag for any empty bottles or boxes
  3. Shopping bag for donation items. Could be given to your mom, daughter, friend, or women’s shelter
  4. Organizing supplies (see the list below)

Organizing supplies we recommend for your bathroom

Pull-out drawers

 You’ll need some dividers. We love to use iDesign acrylic dividers (top) or Dollarama clear plastic dividers (bottom). 

bathroom drawers
bathroom drawer

iDesign dividers come in multiple sizes, so it’s a good idea to measure the drawer, and mix and match multiple variations to find the best fit.

idesign drawer divider

Dollarama dividers come in 3 sizes, so you can also mix and match.

If you have a few centimeters left on the sides, we recommend adding clear 3M tape that is strong (none of those glue dots that don’t work) but is removable, if necessary, without damaging your drawer. That way, dividers will stay in place and your drawer will always look great.

3m stickers

Bathroom Cabinets

bathroom top cabinet

We like to use clear acrylic supplies in the bathroom, as you may have noticed. Again, iDesign has some great bins and turntables, as well as mDesign. The Home Edit collection from Canadian Tire is amazing too.

We wouldn’t recommend using a cheaper Chinese alternative from amazon. It’s thinner plastic, and the handle will crack with time. With those brands mentioned above, you will be spending a bit more, but saving in a long run.

Again, how to choose? Measure your cabinet first. Usually, we choose bigger bins here, like this one below.

the home edit bin

Under the bathroom sink

Either stick with clear acrylic or go with pull-outs from Bed Bath & Beyond. We love to use them both equally.   

under bathroom sink organizing
under bathroom sink

If you have space, add in a 2-tier turntable. Make sure to get a bigger one (11”). It will hold so many of your products.


Now, that you have your supplies ready, you can tackle your bathroom in no time.

Step #1

Take everything out, wipe drawers and cabinets. 

Step #2

Check expiry dates – easy to throw away, no second thoughts.

Step #3

Products you had for a while and never use –  two options here. Either commit to using it up and place it in the visible spot, so you actually do. Or get rid of it. For instance, give it to a friend, donate or throw it away. 

Step #4

Finally decluttering is done. Time to put it back in, using organizing supplies of your choice. If you find that you still have more product than space, you need to understand that your space is limited. Choose to have one shampoo and conditioner, lotion, etc. Make sure it’s the best one, most luxurious you can afford. 

You don’t have to throw away any products. Just don’t buy anymore and use up what you have. 

We hope this was helpful for you. If you have any questions regarding the process or supplies, we’ll be happy to help. Just let us know in the comments below.

In the end, if you still find, that you’d rather do something else and have a professional come into your home, and organize it all for you, fill out the contact form, send us a few pictures and we’ll give you an estimate for your project.

Check this blog post to get lots of answers to questions you may have, before contacting a home organizer.