how home organizing works

Step 1: Contact & Send Photos

Visit our contact page and let us know about your organizing project. Send us a few photos of the space and we'll give you an approximate estimate of how many sessions it will take to organize your home.

Step 2: In-Home Consultation

During the consultation, we will discuss what's working for you and what needs improvement, determine your goals and expectations, decide on the best package for you and measure the space to prepare for the session. The cost is $90+tax.

Step 3: Organizing Begins

Either work with us or let us do the work for you. We make your space functional and easy to maintain, where everything has its designated spot. We promise you will love your home.



○ Hours professional organizer spends in your home organizing
○ Shopping for needed supplies
○ Donations haul away





1 session - $720

4 sessions - $2736
5% off (Savings $144)

8 sessions - $5184
10% off (Savings $576)

12 sessions - $7344
15% off (Savings $1296)


○ Hours professional organizer spends in your home organizing
○ Customized organizing plan
○ Designing closet solutions
○ Shopping for needed supplies
○ Donations haul away
○ Arranging for oversized donations haul away
○ Arranging appointments with other service providers


1 session - $1040

4 sessions - $3952
5% off (Savings $208)

8 sessions - $7488
10% off (Savings $832)

12 sessions - $10,608
15% off (Savings $1872)


Wow! What a great experience! Marta helped us enormously. She was extremely professional. She looked for and found a lost engagement and wedding band and we are so grateful. She was very flexible on scheduling the organizing sessions and we appreciated it. Marta went over and above and exceeded our expectations and we are thrilled with the results.

Carol C.

I trusted Marta to do the work on her own since I was busy, and she delivered amazing results. She is creative and hardworking. She makes everything simple, stress-free and functional. My friend recommended Marta to me after she has done wonders to her house, and I am endlessly grateful.

Julie S.

Thank you, Well Arranged Home, for doing such a great job in my home. Marta is thoughtful and caring. At the consultation, I thought my house was the complete disaster, but she wasn’t shocked at all and came prepared with the whole plan for the first session. She accomplished in 4 hours what would probably have taken me days.

Liz T.

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